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The organisation is made up of both parents and professionals, with a strong knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorders, in addition to, a passion and commitment for empowering those who face the daily challenges of raising or educating a child with Autism.

We promote an ethos of respect for all regardless of gender, race, sexuality, social background, ability, nationality or religion. The contribution of every individual is valued equally.

Other Services Include:

  1. The trustees hold several events to raise Autism awareness, especially in communities where there is a stigma attached to Autism. In April, they went out and supported the Somali Community understand Autism ( as this community faces many difficulties from the language barrier and culture difficulties understanding Autism and disability in general.
  2. The trustees liaise and keep in contact with local Authority maintained nurseries and Early Years provision to let parents know that their service is available to parents and also signpost them to the services.
  3. The trustees understand that disability is a complex and challenging issue, and their role is to create a bridge spanning this disconnection from community, which impacts many individuals with disabilities. The trustees advocate and use their case journeys as an example to create awareness.
  4. The trustees provide support, training and assistance to parent carers help their children reach their highest potential for independence, productivity and fulfilment.
  5. The trustees go out in to communities and engage with the leaders, for example, in places of worship or recreation and educate them, to provide resources, because at this present time the children only access school life, and the trustees need them out in the community enjoying an ordinary life but that will not happen if they don’t educate the society.
  6. The trustees run coffee mornings and free drop-in sessions and are joined by parents from local schools. All of the services are free to parents, and the trustees have been supported and funded by charities.
  7. The trustees’ current projects are supported by National Community Fund and Hammersmith United Charities. They are working in partnership with Hammersmith and Fulham inclusion service to run parent workshop programs that are targeted for parents’ carers under the age of 5 years who are going through pre and post-diagnosis of Autism.
  8. The trustees also run free Boxing for parents. The active sessions for Boxing with a professional well-known and recognised boxer will help parents beat the anxiety, reduce stress levels and improve the general health and well-being.

The trustees will look to expand the operation to Kenya in due course as there is very little provision for autistic people.